Center of Information and Communication

Entry for the international student competition “Documenta Center of Information and Communication Kassel”.


Along with the Venice Biennale, the documenta in Kassel is considered the most important, cyclically recurring exhibition of modern and contemporary art in the world.

For documenta 13, a temporary center of information and communication is to be planned in downtown Kassel, a spatial hybrid that will provide space for lectures and events during the 100-day event and will further house a press center, a book store, a gastronomy, and a documentation area.

Role of the Center

This Bachelor Thesis project deals with the design of a communication and information center for the documenta in Kassel, where for 100 days various exhibitions are spread throughout the entire city.

For the upcoming documenta 13, a temporary pavilion is to be built, which, with functions such as information and communication, will be a central meeting point for visitors and act as an interface between artists, organizers and guests. The goal is to create a point of contact that links the exhibition venues and thus acts as the brain of documenta. People, similar to nerve currents and neurotransmitters, are received and sent back again from here.

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