“Based on a perhaps not too distant future without oil, Julia Menz tackled the question of how abandoned oil platforms in the oceans can be reused. […] An exciting project that emphasizes the preservation of industrial monuments and deals with reuse and sustainability ideas.

“As students usually define the subject of their own project, the work presented here provides a portrait of the emerging generation of architects, giving an insight into their hopes and wishes as well as their criticisms of contemporary society.”

Stafjord B Tomorrow. A post oil scenario. is presented in 2 out of 12 dossiers.

DISPLACED space for change was recognized by the curatorial team of the Austrian Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale as “exemplary, inspiring and worth discussing”.

In the accompanying newspaper “Places for People” published for the Austrian Pavilion, DISPLACED was presented to the public with a detailed interview covering the guiding principles and core ideas, but also the work processes and perspectives.

The 33-page report captures “DISPLACED space for change” in the overall context of what is happening at “Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7”, Vienna’s largest refugee shelter at that time.

Commissioned and published by SozialMarie Foundation.

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