The North Sea is facing major changes as a result of global warming and extensive exploitation by a variety of human activities. The strong intention to understand these changings is underlined by the enormous increase in marine research carried out and the consequently rising number of research institutions, knowledge and data.

Statfjord B could take on the role of a centre in a pan-European network of marine research stations, working collaboratively to address fundamental research questions and urgent environmental problems. The establishment of a cross-national research station would thus underline and promote the increasing importance of marine research in order to achieve sustainable future goals for the European Community. As a common voice for research stations and institutes across Europe, Statfjord B could play a leading role in providing strategic advice to European and international maritime policy makers and stakeholders.

In addition, the state-of-the-art research facility will be able to offer education and training programmes and bring together renowned marine scientists, experts and the interested public. Statfjord B Research Centre will thus become a forum where all stakeholders can come together in a collaborative working environment and discuss issues relevant to the whole society. A marine research centre on the artificial island Statfjord B could thus take on a growing social responsibility to combine basic marine science with society‘s need for knowledge about key processes.

The growing value in connecting Art and Science

A public artist-in-residence programme that will host artists on Statfjord B will support the process of gaining and communicating knowledge.

The programme provides artists with access to the platform’s resources, facilities and scientists. During their stay, artists participate in the research processes and use their creative energy to develop projects on scientific topics and to give a new perspective on already existing research questions. In this process, art becomes a tool of communication that connects all parties.

The resultant works of art, performances and exhibitions will furthermore become a great attraction for sustainable tourism. The impact of this interdisciplinary approach will thus benefit all actors, including the public.

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