The largest oil discovery in the North Sea.

The Statfjord area is an oilfield in the northern part of the North Sea, covering the Norwegian and the United Kingdom sectors of the sea. The field was discovered in 1976 and has been established with three fully integrated concrete facilities: Statfjord A, B and C between 1979 and 1985.

Statfjord B was the second installed facility within the Statfjord area, standing in water depth of 145 meters at the southern end of the field. The development is of great symbolic significance, because it is considered as Norways starting point in participating in the oil industry. The development of the Statfjord field built up Norway’s competency within the petroleum industry and provided the economic base for the foundation of ‘Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap A/S’ (translated: Oil company of the Government of Norway), in short Statoil.

Norways participation in the oil industry on the continental shelf led to the grounds of a domestic petroleum industry creating great value for its society. The symbolic character of the field, and its relevance for the Norwegian community justifies the demand for consideration the statfjord area as industrial and cultural heritage site after its shut down.

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